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Chesapeake College Professor Chosen for Fulbright

Dr. Andree Fee headed to Albania on educational exchange

Posted on Thursday, April 30, 2009


WYE MILLS – Dr. Andree Fee, a member of the Chesapeake College faculty, was recently named a Fulbright Scholar Grantee by the U.S. Department of State.

As a Fulbright scholar, the English instructor will take her enthusiasm and years of teaching experience to Albania. Dr. Fee was selected as a Fulbright Scholar for the Spring 2010 semester. She will live in Albania, working with students at the University of Tirana who plan to teach English. The Fulbright program, launched in 1946, is the nation’s flagship international educational exchange program.

"I love teaching and, on some level, I think I always knew I wanted to teach," Dr. Fee said. "I had another dream, though, of joining the Foreign Service. I feel like this Fulbright will allow me to live two dreams!"

Dr. Fee said she sees the exchange as an opportunity to represent her profession, her country and Chesapeake College.

"Community colleges are underrepresented in the Fulbright program. But we’re doing great work at institutions like Chesapeake College. I’m hoping my experience will encourage other Chesapeake faculty to become more involved in Fulbright and other international educational exchanges" Dr. Fee said. "I hope to give the students I work with in Albania a view of how we do things at the community colleges, where the emphasis is on teaching. My understanding is that Albanian students are taught in the traditional lecture format. My goal will be to share the techniques we use here to engage students and encourage them to be active learners."

A graduate of Loyola College, Dr. Fee earned her master’s degree at the Baltimore college and her doctorate from Penn State University. Dr. Fee began her career as a VISTA volunteer in Baltimore teaching adult literacy courses. She has been an instructor at Chesapeake for eight years, where she teaches composition, developmental reading/writing, educational certification, and interdisciplinary courses. Dr. Fee and her husband, Patrick, live in Grasonville.

Dr. Fee is one of four Chesapeake College instructors who traveled to Suzhou, China in the last three years as part of an educational exchange.

"I enjoyed the China experience, and the things I learned during that exchange will help me in Albania," she said. "This promises to be an even greater challenge. I’ll be on my own for months in a place that I’ve never visited. Some of the classes I’ll teach there will have 100 students. I’ve never taught classes that big, so that will be another challenge for me."

Dr. Fee said she is eager to visit Albania during a pivotal time in the nation’s history.

"Albania wants to join the European Union and is making huge strides right now. I understand that the country has changed significantly in just the last decade. I’m excited to be a part of that," Dr. Fee said.


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