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Chesapeake College Graduates Latest Adult Education Class

Posted on Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Title: Chesapeake College Graduates Latest Adult Education Class

WYE MILLS – Forty-five students received their high school diplomas in a recent ceremony at Chesapeake College. The diverse group, ranging from teenagers to grandparents, celebrated overcoming obstacles to graduate from Chesapeake’s Adult Education Program.

Keynote speaker Rita Mielke cautioned the students against allowing others to determine their futures. She advised the students to seek out positive people who will encourage and support their dreams.

"We need to guard against those who would knock us down. Those who tell us that we’re too old or not smart enough to do something," she told the graduates, many of whom have overcome considerable challenges.

One such student, Candice Hudson of Denton had many of the challenges these students must face. Hudson became a mother while still in high school and later left an alternative high school program.

"I’ve changed a lot over the years. I’ve grown up," Hudson, 19, said. "I’m a more serious person now and want to make a better life for my daughter. I can’t do that without an education."

With encouragement with the Family Support Center in Denton, Hudson enrolled in Chesapeake’s Adult Basic Education Program three years ago.

"It wasn’t easy to work, go to school and raise a child. I really needed to go back to school and I’m glad I did," she said.

Hudson said her future looks brighter now. She was recently promoted to assistant manager at High’s Denton and plans to take college courses at Chesapeake this spring.

"Earning my high school diploma is a big step, but I’m not finished yet," Hudson said, adding that she hopes to eventually earn a college degree and pursue a career in healthcare.

Several of the graduates said they hope to be working in the healthcare field in the future and many planned to take college courses.

Another student in the program, Gaspard Lemay, was honored for recently earning his United States citizenship. Lemay sought political asylum in this country when he fled from his native Haiti.

The Fall 2010 Adult Education graduates were: Kimberly Andrews of Linkwood, Matt Andrews of Linkwood, Andrew Brelia of Greensboro, Lauren Butcher of East New Market, Jessica Chamberlain of Denton, Alfonso Cintron of Ridgely, Neva Clark of Stevensville, Nicholas Clarkson of Preston, Shaneka Collins of Trappe, Shelley Collins of Cambridge, William Duley of Kennedyville, Tykisha Fletcher of Hurlock, Charles Foskey of Cambridge, Dyann Foskey of Cambridge, LaShae Gibson of Denton, Kelby Gore of Vienna, Katie Gowe of Wittman, James Greene of Easton, John Hastings of Cambridge, Emily Hill of Denton, James Hoffman of Hurlock, Candace Hudson of Denton, Patrick Lane of Trappe, Adam Lane of Millington, Dawn Lindsay of Secretary, Christina Little of Oxford, Samuel Mendiola-Rubio of Easton, Kimberly Merritt of Easton, Elizabeth Moore of Federalsburg, Christina Ogle of Hillsboro, Edward Parry of Greensboro, Brittney Pearson of Federalsburg, Felicia Polk of Easton, James Shiffer of Marydel, Dwayne Spence of Taylors Island, Amanda Stanton of Hurlock, Theresa Stitchberry of East New Market, Allison Toney of Easton, Justin Trice of Easton, Melania Vallejo of Rhodesdale, Ashley Walls of Hurlock, Charles Washburn of Vienna, Cassandra Whitby of Easton, Yi Gong Wu of Easton, and Yi Ming Wu of Easton.


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