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Queen Anne’s County Student Receives First Dual Enrollment Award

Chesapeake College honors Brooke Dadds

Posted on Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Chesapeake College presented Brooke Dadds with the Outstanding Dual Enrollment Student Award at a recent Board of Trustees meeting. Left to right:Board Chairman James Maffitt, Brooke Dadds, Dean for Recruitment Kathy Petrichenko, President Barbara Viniar. 

WYE MILLS – Queen Anne’s County High School senior Brooke Dadds -- who will receive a high school diploma and college degree at the same time -- was named Chesapeake College’s Outstanding Dual Enrollment Student for 2011.

Dadds, who graduates this spring from high school, will receive an associate’s degree in general college studies from Chesapeake on May 23. She was recently recognized by Chesapeake’s Board of Trustees for winning the college’s first Outstanding Dual Enrollment Student Award.

The Outstanding Dual Enrollment Student Award requirements include a high school counselor recommendation, a minimum GPA of 3.5, a minimum of three semesters of coursework and notable extracurricular activities.

When she enrolled at Chesapeake, Dadds said she was looking for a challenge to tackle in her final years of K-12 education, and thought college-level classes would open her eyes to new topics and new ways of learning.

"I wanted something different and I like a challenge. I also like to be independent and learn at my own pace. You can do that in college coursework," Dadds said. "My Dual Enrollment experience was great because the courses were challenging, and the credits will put me ahead in the fall. I love being in the college learning environment."

In the Spring 2011 semester at Chesapeake, Dadds took 22 credit hours. Despite the heavy high school and college workloads, Dadds was able to maintain a high school GPA of 3.6 and an overall college GPA of 3.87.

In addition, Dadd’s played tennis at QAHS, participated in the "It’s Academic" Club and performed more than 100 service hours at the Chestertown Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.

Dadds will enter Pennsylvania State University in the fall as a pre-med major. She said her favorite Chesapeake class was Anatomy and Physiology, and she is looking forward to her science classes at Penn State. Once she completes her baccalaureate program, she plans to attend medical school.

"I’m really interested in the human body and how it functions. The heart is a key part of body function, so I hope to be a cardio-thoracic surgeon someday," Dadds said.

Dean for Recruitment Kathy Petrichenko said she sees a bright future ahead for Dadds.

"Already she has accomplished so much. She has been an extraordinary student in our Dual Enrollment program," Petrichenko said. "I have no doubt that Brooke will accomplish any academic and career goals that she sets for herself."


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