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Chesapeake College Announces Spring 11 Dean’s List

Posted on Monday, July 11, 2011

WYE MILLS – Two hundred and seventy Mid-Shore residents were named to the Chesapeake College Dean’s List for Spring Semester 2011.

The following students earned a quality point average of 3.50 or better on at least seven credit hours:

Dawn Abbott of Preston, Carson Adams of Cambridge, Alexis Akowskey of Centreville, Dalaney Algiere of Grasonville, Kristi Allen of Easton, Andrea Anderson of Hurlock, Farhan Augustine of Chester, Kathleen Baker of Preston, Laura Bambary of Denton, Ashley Beatty of Queen Anne, Hollie Beish of Ridgely, Brad Bielecki of Denton, James Bishop of Cambridge, Michael Blair of Easton, Ryan Blanchfield of Federalsburg, Walter Bloom of Cambridge, Mary Bloxom of Snow Hill, Michael Bongiorno of Centreville, Anthony Borradaile of Centreville, Brittney Borza of Stevensville, Linda Bosley of Chester, Dominica Boswer of Easton, Laura Boyce of Denton, Frederick Bradbury of Denton, Lauren Brelia of Greensboro, Justin Bridges of Stevensville, Crystal Bromwell of Cambridge, Joseph Brown of Greensboro, Amy Brown of Easton, Krystle Bryan of Easton, Laura Butterbaugh of Grasonville, David Cannon of Cambridge, Kathryn Cate of Stevensville, Charles Cauffman of Easton, Kirsten Cerbone of Federalsburg, Katheryn Chance of Galena, Jordan Clark of Chestertown, Jennifer Clough of Queen Anne, Calie Cole of Centreville, Tiffany Coleman of Centreville, Robin Colson of Rock Hall, Dawn Corder of Trappe, Wendy Cox of Chestertown, Brittany Crawford of Cambridge, Jessica Crouch of Easton, Brooke Dadds of Chestertown, Maggie Dannenfelser of Chestertown, Jordan Davidson of Millington, Kristen Davidson of Queenstown, Karen Davies of Cambridge, Shelby Davis of Goldsboro, Morgan Davis of Easton, Anitra Dear of Greensboro, Tiffany Demby of Centreville, Stacey Dion of Easton, Katherine Dodge of Cambridge, Melanie Dolesh of Crumpton, Stephen Donophan of Chestertown, Kathryn Dowling of Rock Hall, Courtney Downes of Hurlock, Lori Dunton of Chester, Alex Eberspacher of Federalsburg, Neil Ebling of Seaford, Kalia Edmonds of Cambridge, Kelly Elzey of Federalsburg, Jamie Englishmen of Berlin, Derek Enzor of McDaniel, Jordin Fairbank of Filghman, Elizabeth Farley of St. Michaels, Meridith Farnell of Federalsburg, Brenda Faulkner of Chester, Michael Feldman of Federalsburg, Brooke Foley of Federalsburg, Casey Foreman of Easton, Katie Foreman of Easton, Ashley Foss of Queenstown, Samuel Foy of Henderson, Jordan Fuchs of Preston, Virginia Galus of Federalsburg, Jennifer Gambrill of Cambridge, Angela Gardner of Barclay, Kristen Gardner of Centreville, Laurissa Garland of Queenstown, Nathan Garnsey of Church Hill. Christine Garvey of Chester, Kimberly Geaman of Henderson, Lindsay Gellert of Cambridge, Travis Germann of Millington, Monalisa Githiomi of Cambridge, Ryan Glenn of Rock Hall, Brandie Graves of Centreville, Tamerida Green of Church Hill, Angela Greene of Federalsburg, Kari Grimplin of Centreville, Alta Haddock of Denton, Jill Hagadorn of Hurlock, April Hall of Greensboro, Jennifer Hallman of Worton, Jordan Hallowell of East New Market, Trent Hanshew of Cambridge, Alexander Hembree of Cordova, Shannon Henry of Cambridge, William Herrman of Middletown, Elaine Hoggard of Hillsboro, Charie Holt of Chestertown, Jason Hopwood of Chestertown, Ashley Houtz of Denton, Clay Hudgens of Centreville, Barbara James of Sudlersville, Amanda Jester of Federalsburg, Melissa Jones of Denton, Mindy Jones of Crapo, Courtney Joyner of Chestertown, Robert Karge of Preston, Cameron Keller of Easton, Erin Kelley of Stevensville, Lorynn Kessinger of Denton, Iram Kahn of Easton, Elizabeth King of Church Hill, Jason Kingsley of Queenstown, Kreigh Kirby of Chestertown, Ashley Knapp of Chestertown, Joni Kolakowski of Cordova, David Kramer of Hurlock, Alicia Kudlich of Federalsburg, Valerie Laird of Grasonville, Megan Lamb of Grasonville, Dan Lane of Preston, Brian Lane of Chestertown, Jessica Leach of Denton, Katlyn Lednum of Denton, Erin Leight of Chestertown, Amy Leonard of Denton, Brittany Leonard of Grasonville, Erich Liebig of Centreville, Hannah Lingenfelter of Centreville, John Liszewski of Preston, Jessica Little of Grasonville, Jessica Lizer of Ridgely, Janean Lowenberger of Easton, Helen Lucas of Easton, Morgan Lushis of Federalsburg, Renee Lutz of Cambridge, Dylan Lyles of Greensboro, John Lyons of Preston, Charles Lyons of Easton, James Lyons of Easton, Kelly Lyons of Trappe, Morgan Lyons of Easton, Michael MacArthur of Grasonville, Loretta Mattingly of Greensboro, Shelby McCaskill of Cambridge, Emily McClain of Crumpton, Alyssa McCormick of Preston, Katherine McSorley of Preston, Alison Meador of Greensboro, Erin Miller of Federalsburg, Bridget Miller of Centreville, Cassandra Miller of Barclay, Jennifer Mills of Madison, Joseph Miloshevsky of Centreville, Ezekial Monroe-Murray of Chestertown, Danielle Moore of Easton, Amanda Morgan of Queen Anne, Kristin Morrissey of Ridgely, Michael Motier of Barclay, Nicole Nealon of Grasonville, Eric Nepert of Preston, Robert Nicholson of Federalsburg, Heather Nordhoff of Chestertown, Darlene Nulph of Chester, Seamus O’Brien of Preston, Brittany Oertly of Barclay, Morgan Olds of Stevensville, Albert Ortiz of Centreville, Megan Patchett of Preston, Cody Paul of Church Creek, Daniel Pelchat of Stevensville, Laura Perez of Cambridge, Sarah Perry of Secretary, Catherine Piasecki of Vienna, Jill Piazza of Centreville, Jassmyn Pinkney of Cambridge, Thomas Pisciotta of Royal Oak, Joyce Plummer of Stevensville, Mallori Prato of Grasonville, Lawrence Price of Sudlersville, Matthew Pudinski of Chester, Stephanie Quarles of Denton, Ashley Quasney of Greensboro, Travis Raynor of Federalsburg, Karen Redmond of Tilghman, Susan Reisinger of Centreville, Allison Rice of Centreville, Nicole Rinaldi of Cambridge, Hali Robbins of Federalsburg, Nikki Robey of Easton, Dawn Rose of Greensboro, Maureen Rubino of Ridgely, Brittany Russell of St. Michaels, John Ruth of Chestertown, Cheryl Schrader of Chestertown, Clare Schreiber of Chestertown, James Schultz of Ridgely, Kendall Schwartz of Easton, Nicole Scott of Denton, Zita Seals of Millington, Christopher Seningen of Chestertown, Marilyn Serino of Hillsboro, Heather Shaw of Stevensville, Jason Shorter of Cambridge, Latoya Skinner of Cambridge, Ryan Smith of East New Market, Charles Smith of Easton, Branigan Snyder of Sudlersville, Teresa Souder of Chester, Jordan Stagg of Easton, Steven Stammer of Ridgely, Britney Steele of Denton, Rebecca Stephens of Stevensville, Scott Stichberry of Cambridge, Brittany Stoner of Greensboro, Melissa Strickland of Trappe, Matthew Sullivan of Easton, Lindsay Swann of Woolford, Jacob Swinney of Centreville, Erika Taylor of Greensboro, Kimberly Taylor of Henderson, Kaitlyn Terry of Federalsburg, Kenneth Thalheimer of Hurlock, Lisa Thompkins of Preston, Jennifer Thompson of Linkwood, Amanda Thompson of Stevensville, Allison Todd of Denton, Louis Torchio of Centreville, Catherine Torres of Worton, Catherine Traversari of Chester, Michelle Trego of Cambridge, Michael Tryon of Denton, Kristine Tucker of Hurlock, Brooke Walbert of Centreville, Dale Walls of Centreville, Brian Walterhoefer of Easton, Jason Weaver of Queen Anne, Kayla Weber of Oxford, Abigail Weese of Queenstown, Elizabeth Wellman of Easton, Allison Wheatley of Cambridge, Kathleen Whitacre of Centreville, James White of Cambridge, John Whitesell of Easton, Ryan Whittington of Parsonsburg, David Wielgosz of Secretary, Jacob Wilkes of Ridgely, Sarah Wilkinson of Cambridge, Natalie Willey of St. Michaels, Ciara Williams of Denton, Kelly Williams of Worton, William Wilson of Cambridge, Carrie Wolford of Greensboro, Kimberly Wood of Marydel, Robert Wood of Cordova, Mary Woolford of Cambridge, Krista Wooters of Easton, Rene Wright of Greensboro, Misty Wroten of Easton, Yi Gong Wu of Easton, Yi Ming Wu of Easton, Michelle Wurtz of Ridgely, Jamie Yeager of Goldsboro, Sakine Yilmaz of Easton and Yassine Zidour of Preston.


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