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Chesapeake College starts classes with record enrollment

Daytime enrollment maxing out in many Wye Mills, Cambridge sections

Posted on Monday, August 22, 2011


WYE MILLS – A seat in a Chesapeake College daytime class is a hot ticket this fall.

Chesapeake College opened its Fall 2011 semester Monday with record first-day enrollment of 2,899 students, an increase of six students over last fall’s record start of 2,893. College officials said the sixth straight fall semester of record opening-day enrollment is being fueled by surges in day-time and part-time students.

"The vast majority of our daytime class sections are at their maximum enrollment," said Dr. Richard Midcap, the college’s vice president for student success. "We’re going to have to really search to find seats for our last-minute registrants."

Midcap said available daytime seats in Wye Mills sections of the college’s General Education courses – those first- and second-year courses required by most colleges as part of their baccalaureate degree programs – are exceedingly rare. For example, there was one seat remaining out of 144 daytime seats on the Wye Mills Campus in Anatomy and Physiology, 1 of 132 seats in statistics, three of 315 seats in communications, 11 of 340 seats in English Composition, and no daytime seats on the Wye Mills campus in either art or music.

Chesapeake student Jen Clough of Queen Anne attested to the full classes on opening day.

"My anatomy class this morning was packed. So was the parking lot, and I was happy to find a space," said Clough, a radiologic sciences major.

First-time student Lindsey Dill of Denton said that despite attending New Student Orientation over the weekend, she was a bit nervous and arrived early on her first day of college.

A record number of first-time students – more than 400 – attended New Student Orientation on August 20, according to Director of Student Life Rohry Flood.

Meanwhile, part-time students are on the rise for the second straight year. Last fall, the college had a 5.1 percent increase in part-time students. This year, the semester opened with a 1.8 percent increase in part-timers for a total of 1,873 students taking less than 12 credit hours.

"We have more students, but on average they are taking less classes this fall," said Midcap, who indicated the economy may be playing a role in the reduced credit load.

While daytime classes are full, Midcap said evening slots remain in art, communications, English composition, statistics, and many of the other General Education courses that are full or nearly full during the daytime. Depending on the course, students may also find seats in courses at the Cambridge Center. Midcap said individuals can search the credit schedule online to find open sections at


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