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Chesapeake College Announces Fall 2012 Dean’s List

Posted on Tuesday, February 19, 2013

WYE MILLS – More than 170 Eastern Shore residents were named to the Chesapeake College Dean’s List for Fall Semester 2012.

The following students earned a quality point average of 3.50 or better on at least seven credit hours:

Sarah Adams of Queenstown, John Adams of Easton, Deepak Adhikari of Cambridge, Kathlyne Anderson of Church Hill, Jesse Applegarth of St. Michaels, Shellie Aregbe of Cambridge, Ren Asplen of Cambridge, Marshall Bailey of Denton, Jacquelyn Bateman of Centreville, Bryan Bayliss of Hurlock, Ashley Beatty of Queen Anne, Susan Belton of Denton, Amber Bickerton of Goldsboro, Anthony Borradaile of Centreville, Mary Bowen of Centreville, Kimberly Brenner of Stevensville, Mary Brittingham of Ridgely, Jennifer Brush of Easton, Karen Burd of Denton, Jacob Cannon of Cordova, Melissa Cannon of Tilghman, James Caraker of Preston, Callie Chester of Queenstown, Alec Chosta of St. Michaels, Kylene Cinelli of Easton, David Clark of Denton, Mason Clopper of Denton, Jennifer Clough of Queen Anne, Kimberly Collier of Centreville, Ana Collins of Denton, Tyra Copper of Easton, Michaela Crawford of Chestertown, Shannon Crist of Centreville, Carol Crossan of Easton, Mark Cutter of Stevensville, Kelly Dahle of Easton, Manar Dajani of Cambridge, Leona Dalton of Worton, Corbin Davis of Seaford, Michael Dawson of Cambridge, Anitra Dear of Greensboro, Chamice Dill of Easton, Lisa Dixon of Hurlock, Matthew Dixon of Cambridge, Merida Donnelly of Grasonville, Tracy Donoho of Centreville, Heather Downes of Ridgely, Amanda Dulin of Cordova, Alex Eberspacher of Federalsburg, Charlotte Elzey of Cambridge, John Era of East New Market, Sara Ewing of Hurlock, Taylor Fedorchak of Easton, Jack Fisher of Preston, Andrew Fletcher of Bowie, Virginia Galus of Federalsburg, Tamara Garcia of Preston, Tamra Gardiner of Easton, Brian Gast of Chester, Kimberly Geaman of Henderson, Hannah Gowe of Preston, Tabitha Groce of Oxford, Jeffrey Gunter of Arnold, Nicole Harper of Easton, Taylor Hartman of Queenstown, James Heavlow of Galena, Angela Higgs of Ridgely, Kaleb Hignutt of Ridgely, Nicole Hill of Millington, Theresa Hooper of Greensboro, Jennifer Houser of Galena, Andrea Hrobar of Ridgely, Pascale Hutton of Cambridge, Laura Jackson of Easton, Shannon Johnson of Easton, Melissa Jones of Denton, Casey Joseph of Easton, Grace Kelly of Millington, Elizabeth Kopp of Stevensville, Heather Krebs of Greensboro, Terri Kulp of Chestertown, Michele Lantz of Marydel, Anthony Laroux of Chestertown, Debra Lawler of Preston, Felicia Lee of Easton, Nancy Leszcynski of Grasonville, Kristin Linch of Easton, Jessica Lizer of Preston, Helen Lucas of Easton, Dylan Lyles of Greensboro, Katlyn Lynch of Easton, Deborah MacArthur of Grasonville, Christine MacNett of Stevensville, Whitney Mangum of Queenstown, Daniel Martinsson of Easton, Alyssa McCormick of Denton, Kimberly McGonigal of Chestertown, David McMahan of Preston, Andrea Miller of Stevensville, Susan Moore of Chestertown, Mary Moran of Denton, Kristin Moreland of Easton, Amanda Hailey Morgan of Denton, Lacey Moskos of Centreville, Elizabeth Mossell of Centreville, Madison Mullikin of Easton, Kassie Nelson of Preston, Shannon Odell of Chester, Penelope Patchett of Centreville, Cody Paul of Church Creek, Laura Perez of Cambridge, Robin Perez of Chestertown, Rachel Perro of Denton, Justin Prahl of Cambridge, Janine Puma of Easton, Jennifer Quade of Church Hill, Brittany Raleigh of Chestertown, Stephen Reuter of Trappe, Cindy Rhodes of Queen Anne, Jason Robbins of Fishing Creek, Nancy Robbins of Easton, Reginald Roberson of Cambridge, Bryce Roberts of Centreville, Rhonda Robertson of Woolford, Volitta Ross of Easton, Cindy Rossbach of Easton, Emily Rossbach of Easton, Colleen Ruark of Fishing Creek, April Schmick of Easton, Cheryl Schrader of Chestertown, Zita Seals of Millington, Christina Seningen of Chestertown, Lauren Sharp of Greensboro, William Shaw of Easton, Jason Shorter of Cambridge, Robert Simmons of Greensboro, Sydney Small of Denton, Donald Smith of Denton, Jasmine Smith of Stevensville, Crystal Spiering of Greensboro, Rachel Stagg of Easton, William Stayton of Easton, Samantha Stelz of Denton, Lisa Sterling of Federalsburg, Olivia Sultenfuss of Centreville, Emily Swartz of Easton, Stacey Swoboda of Stevensville, Robert Thelen of Stevensville, Ruth Thomas of Preston, Lynn Thomas of Easton, Vera Todd of Denton, Michelle Trego of Cambridge, Matthew Usilton of Chester, Kristen Venesky of Goldsboro, Tamara Verhyen of Ridgely, Sara Villwock of Chester, Stephanie Vlahos of Queenstown, Brian Walterhoefer of Easton, Carrie Washburn of McDaniel, Tammy Washington of Cambridge, Michael Weedon of Chestertown, Edward Westerfield of Easton, Jacob Wilkes of Ridgely, Kelly Willey of Secretary, Natalie Willey of St. Michaels, Beth Wilson of Rhodesdale, Dawn Wirtz of Greensboro, Mary Woolford of Cambridge, Yi Gong Wu of Easton, Yi Ming Wu of Easton, and Julia Yuker of Preston


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