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Chesapeake College Announces Spring 13 Dean's List.

Posted on Thursday, June 20, 2013

WYE MILLS - Three hundred and fifty-five students were named to the Chesapeake College Dean's List for Spring Semester 2013.

The following students earned a quality point average of 3.50 or better on at least seven credit hours:

Jared Aaron of Centreville
Allyson Adams of Secretary
Logan Adams of Cambridge
Sarah Adams of Queenstown
Deepak Adhikari of Cambridge
Jeovanna Adrian-Estevez of Cambridge
Faith Amirikian of Centreville
Liana Anikina of Cordova
Jesse Applegarth of St. Michaels
Parnia Asad of Grasonville
Urva Asad of Grasonville
Ren Asplen of Cambridge
Sarah Auer of Easton
Farhan Augustine of Chester
Ashley Baker of Ingleside
Michael Baltimore of Denton
Alicia Basar of Preston
Bryan Bayliss of Hurlock
Ashley Beatty of Queen Anne
Sara Belair of Queenstown
Kevin Belcher of Salisbury
Eric Bentley of Stevensville
Tiffany Benton of Centreville
Amber Bickerton of Goldsboro
Courtney Bildstein of Easton
Devon Bordonaro of Denton
Anthony Borradaile of Centreville
Laura Borradaile of Centreville
Anthony Borza of Stevensville
Mary Bowen of Centreville
Rachel Brandenburg of Greensboro
Sarah Branham of Centreville
Kimberly Brenner of Stevensville
Mary Brittingham of Ridgely
Ireri Britton of Stevensville
Thomas Brockson of Ridgely
Angela Brown of Denton
Travis Brown of Preston
Martin Brown of Centreville
Krystle Bryan of Easton
Stephan Bungartz of Cambridge
Latoya Burke of Chestertown
Clay Burton of Centreville
Mitchell Byerly of Crumpton
Jacob Cannon of Cordova
Melissa Cannon of Tilghman
Christopher Cape of Queen Anne
James Caraker of Preston
Marcia Carey of Stevensville
Terrence Carney of Denton
Judith Carrion of Stevensville
Kaitlyn Casey of Chestertown
Kimberly Cate of Stevensville
Gabriela Chauvin of Cambridge
Elisa Chillog of Hurlock
Kera Christopher of Preston
Kylene Cinelli of Federalsburg
Susan Clark of Easton
Mason Clopper of Denton
Jennifer Clough of Queen Anne
Timothy Coffelt of Stevensville
Kimberly Collier of Centreville
Travis Connolly of Denton
Etta Cook of Worton
Julia Cook of Centreville
Jeremy Correa of Easton
Angela Cotton of Denton
Diana Cox of Queenstown
Christopher Cox of Easton
Michaela Crawford of Chestertown
Melanie Crawford of Easton
Lora Creason of Goldsboro
Jelena Cress of Chestertown
Shannon Crist of Centreville
Ashley Cross of Federalsburg
Carol Crossan of Easton
Jennifer Cutter of Stevensville
Manar Dajani of Cambridge
Leona Dalton of Worton
Colton Davis of Denton
Laurie Davis of Greensboro
Raymond Davis of Ridgely
Corbin Davis of Seaford
Morgan Davis of Easton
Michael Dawson of Cambridge
Robin DeMaso of Stevensville
Ashley DiCaprio of Easton
Natalie Digiovine of Easton
Timothy Dignen of Denton
Troy Dion of Easton
Michael Donoghue of Stevensville
Stephen Donophan of Chestertown
Heather Downes of Ridgely
Amanda Dulin of Cordova
Lindy Dulin of Easton
Thomas Eliason of Queenstown
Lois Elliott of Cambridge
Winford Elliott of Cambridge
Charlotte Elzey of Cambridge
Christine Engle of Federalsburg
Elizabeth Englert of Greensboro
Gretchen English of Henderson
John Era of East New Market
Justin Everngam of Easton
Nicholas Everngam of Easton
Natalie Ewing of Cordova
Margaret Faiella of St. Michaels
Shelby Farmer of Centreville
Christopher Fenzel of Easton
Christopher Figliozzi of Centreville
Julie Fleming of Easton
Andrew Fletcher of Easton
Evan Flynn of Centreville
Nicole Forsman of Stevensville
Sarah Fowler of Chestertown
Ricky Foxwell of Cambridge
Samantha Frucci of Worton
Angela Furno of Chester
Debra Furst of Easton
Virginia Galus of Federalsburg
Megan Galvin of Centreville
Shannon Garcia-Pierce of Sudlersville
Tamra Gardiner of Easton
Christina Gardner of Centreville
Kimberly Geaman of Henderson
Andrew Gladu of Grasonville
Laura Gleason of Easton
Megan Glenn of Rock Hall
Ryan Glenn of Rock Hall
Timothy Goslin of Easton
Hannah Gowe of Preston
Leslie Grimplin of Centreville
Tabitha Groce of Oxford
Antonin Guida of Denton
Jill Hagadorn of Hurlock
Cathy Haigis of Hurlock
Taylor Hare of Federalsburg
Crystal Hatch of Stevensville
James Heavlow of Galena
Linda Hendrickson of Worton
Catherine Herrman of Denton
Katie Heverin of Galena
Angela Higgs of Ridgely
Kaleb Hignutt of Ridgely
Nicole Hill of Millington
Marcus Hoffman of Centreville
Theresa Hooper of Greensboro
Jean Hopkins of Trappe
Jennifer Houser of Galena
Andrea Hrobar of Ridgely
Acacia Hunter of Ridgely
Keri Hunter of Chester
Heather Hutson of Federalsburg
Lloyd Ingerson of Kirkwood
Darah Jackson of East New Market
Wendy Jackson of Cambridge
Laura Jackson of Centreville
Morgan Jenkins of Easton
Shcandra Johnson of Cambridge
Shannon Johnson of Easton
Melissa Jones of Denton
Mia Jones of Hurlock
Kelsie Jones of Trappe
Casey Joseph of Easton
Christopher Kanarr of Hurlock
Chelsea Kayhoe of Queenstown
Shawna Keeton of Preston
Patrick Kelly of Secretary
Kenneth Kelly of Dover
Timothy Kemp of Stevensville
Heidi Kimble of Ridgely
Brandon Kimbles of Centreville
Ashley King of Henderson
Julia King of Church Hill
Taylor Klepacki of Chester
Adrienne Knussman of Greensboro
Elizabeth Kopp of Stevensville
Terri Kulp of Chestertown
Michele Lantz of Marydel
Debra Lawler of Preston
Amanda Leisner of Cambridge
Michelle Leneski of Trappe
Nancy Leszcynski of Grasonville
Kyle Lindenberger of Church Hill
Cynthia Link of Federalsburg
Shannon Lippert of Severn
Katherine Lipsius of Cambridge
Jessica Lizer of Denton
Heather Lloyd of Chestertown
Anita Lord of Easton
Dylan Lyles of Greensboro
Katlyn Lynch of Easton
John Lyons of Preston
Deborah MacArthur of Grasonville
Mitchell MacGillivray of Church Creek
John MacLeod of Chestertown
Christine MacNett of Stevensville
Linda MacSorley of St. Michaels
Whitney Mangum of Centreville
Sam Martin of Greensboro
Jennifer Martin of Chester
Rachel Massoni of Cordova
Nycole McClay of Chester
Kimberly McGonigal of Chestertown
Shaelyn McLamb of Grasonville
Cynthia Meekins of Trappe
Brian Micheliche of Federalsburg
Amber Middleton of Denton
Joel Milby of Cordova
Adam Miley of Federalsburg
Andrea Miller of Stevensville
Sydney Milner of Queenstown
Ashley Mock of Federalsburg
Patrick Molloy of Easton
Susan Moore of Chestertown
Mary Moran of Denton
Amanda Hailey Morgan of Denton
Deborah Morton of Easton
Lacey Moskos of Centreville
Elizabeth Mossell of Centreville
Kirsten Mullins of Rhodesdale
Lauren Murphy of Bethlehem
Olga Myers-Efimova of Easton
Erik Narvesen of Queenstown
Kassie Nelson of Preston
Krista Newnam of Easton
Kathryn Norman of Easton
Gregory North of Goldsboro
Seamus O'Brien of Henderson
Michelle Osborn of Church Hill
Tammy Osborn of Barclay
Jennifer Owens of Queenstown
Christine Paleczny of Millersville
Brittany Parenteau of Denton
Jessica Parks of Denton
Quinn Parsley of Hurlock
Penelope Patchett of Centreville
Michelle Patrick of Federalsburg
Cody Paul of Church Creek
Marguerite Pedersen of Stevensville
Emily Peet of Centreville
Rachel Perro of Denton
Colby Plummer of Cambridge
April Plummer of Chestertown
Morgan Potter of Centreville
Carol Prettyman of Easton
Susan Price of Chestertown
Jennifer Quade of Church Hill
Richard Rahilly of Cordova
Brittany Raleigh of Chestertown
Kelly Ramsey of Marydel
Savannah Ransom of Stevensville
Leah Rechen of Cambridge
Sarah Redd of Denton
Kristen Reed of Denton
Monica Remaniak of Cordova
Courtney Rhodes of Sudlersville
Scottie Riddle of Easton
Ada Rivera of Easton
Angeline Rivera of Easton
Mary Robbins of Denton
Nancy Robbins of Easton
Reginald Roberson of Cambridge
Rhonda Robertson of Woolford
Grady Romblad of Salisbury
Charity Roop of East New Market
Amanda Roschli of Queenstown
Volitta Ross of Easton
Cindy Rossbach of Easton
Emily Rossbach of Easton
Olivia Rossbach of Easton
Rose Rowe of Easton
Colleen Ruark of Fishing Creek
Maureen Rubino of Ridgely
Alison Rung of Easton
Nathan Russ of Chestertown
Donna Saathoff of Easton
Akanni Salako of Easton
Rachael Salmon of Bozman
Luz Scharon of Cambridge
April Schmick of Easton
David Schmidt of Hurlock
Cheryl Schrader of Church Hill
Amber Schultz of Denton
Stephanie Schuyler of Federalsburg
Michael Schwaninger of Trappe
Karen Secrist of Church Hill
Julie Sellers of Secretary
Christina Seningen of Chestertown
Lauren Sharp of Greensboro
William Shaw of Easton
Courtney Sherman of Hurlock
Stacy Shirey of Kennedyville
Ciara Shirey of Centreville
Jason Shorter of Cambridge
Anne Siefer of Cambridge
Robert Simmons of Greensboro
Danielle Smith of Denton
Donald Smith of Denton
Jasmine Smith of Stevensville
Tiffane Smith of Church Hill
Andrew Snowberger of Ridgely
Megan Solloway of Worton
Angela Stafford of Federalsburg
Jordan Stagg of Easton
Rachel Stagg of Easton
Kallie Starkey of St. Michaels
William Stayton of Easton
Samantha Stelz of Denton
Adam Stevens of Centreville
Cheryl Stinson of Greensboro
Courtney Stormes of Preston
Courtney Sturgill of Cordova
Ashley Sullivan of Stevensville
Olivia Sultenfuss of Centreville
Stacey Swoboda of Stevensville
Sarah Tanton of East New Market
Eileen Taylor of Greensboro
Ruth Thomas of Preston
Anthony Thomas of Cambridge
Monique Thomas of Easton
Teresa Thompson of Rock Hall
Stephanie Thompson of Cordova
William Tobin of Church Hill
Jessica Todd of Federalsburg
Vera Todd of Denton
Aaron Tolley of Church Creek
Ivonne Townsend of Hurlock
Danielle Trice of Cordova
Lauren Trice of Cordova
Kiersten Truehart of Centreville
Kelsey Trumbull of Cordova
Amna Ullah of Easton
Jesse Urie of Chestertown
Matthew Usilton of Chester
Lauren Utz of Greensboro
Breana Vannieuwenhuyzen of Hurlock
Sara Villwock of Chester
Lisa Wachter of Easton
Alianna Walbert of Centreville
Christopher Warfield of Cambridge
Carrie Washburn of McDaniel
Michael Weedon of Chestertown
Kara Wehmueller of Millington
Alison Weigel of Cambridge
Courtney Whitby of Queen Anne
Stephen Wilkinson of Grasonville
Tiffany Willey of Preston
Kelly Willey of Secretary
Natalie Willey of St. Michaels
Amanda Williams of Queenstown
Frank Williams of Chestertown
Jonathan Williams of Queenstown
Roger Williamson of St Michaels
Andrew Wilson of Rhodesdale
Beth Wilson of Rhodesdale
Marie Wilson of Hurlock
Danielle Wilson of Easton
Dawn Wirtz of Greensboro
Zachary Wise of Henderson
Michelle Wobbe of Stevensville
Emily Wood of Queen Anne
Colby Wood of Easton
Yigong Wu of Easton
Yiming Wu of Easton
Liamar Young of Sudlersville


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