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Knight Wins MDE Award

Posted on Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Chesapeake College Multi-media Specialist Michele Knight recently received a citation from the Maryland Department of Education for her work on an innovative health care career promotional video.

The video cd rom, produced with hours of film footage shot at Memorial Hospital, follows a patient through knee replacement. The video opens with an orientation class then tracks the patient through pre-operative testing, surgery, recovery and rehabilitation. Preparation by the surgical staff is also featured.

.Knight estimates that she logged 120 hours of work on the project, taking more than 20 hours of raw footage from Verizon and editing it into a short video. In addition to editing the raw footage, Knight also assisted a crew from Verizon in filming the pre-operative work. The video was a cooperative project for the Maryland State Department of Education and the Maryland Hospital Association and featured the surgical staff of the Memorial Hospital at Easton. The project will be used to promote a health care job shadowing program for local high school students.

"I really enjoyed working on this important project and I hope it helps encourage students to pursue careers in health care," Knight said.

Knight performed all of her editing work in a state-of-the-art video production lab on Chesapeake’s main campus. The lab was equipped through funding from Verizon.

Photo caption: Chesapeake’s Vice President for Academic Services Maurice Hickey and Multi-Media Specialist Michele Knight pose with the Maryland Department of Education citation.


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