Student Life

Congratulations on choosing Chesapeake College!

We hope that you are ready to jump on board and join the Skipjack family on your academic journey. We would like to help you reach a high level of comfort and success here at Chesapeake College and we believe the best way to start your Peake journey is to come join the Office of Student Life for our new student "Peake In"!

The "Peake In" is a chance for students to take an in depth tour of the campus. During the hour and forty minute program you will have a chance to go into classrooms, meet our faculty and staff as well as other students and navigate the campus. You will also have time to ask questions about college life and you can pick up your student ID.

The "Peake In" will be held during the following dates/times:

Monday August, 1710-11:401-2:403-4:40
Tuesday August, 1810-11:401-2:403-4:40
Wednesday August, 1910-11:401-2:403-4:40
Thursday August, 2010-11:401-2:403-4:40
Friday August, 2110-11:401-2:403-4:40

You can sign up here for whatever date and time works the best for you! There are 15 slots in each session and they are filling up fast! While the "Peake In" is not mandatory, we strongly recommend you register and attend and take advantage of this excellent opportunity to get a head start.

Welcome from the Director!

Now That You're in College...
Get Smart...Get Involved!

Thanks for choosing Chesapeake College; it is an honor to have you here! Want to make the most of your college education? Get involved! Research shows that students who are involved with their college and its activities get better grades and stay in school!

But you're smart. This just makes sense, doesn't it? You will care more about all aspects of your education when you invest yourself in your school - when things matter to you. Your time in the classroom is a big part of your college education, but involvement greatly enhances your college experience.

So how do you get involved? What's the first step when you're new to the campus or don't know many people?

Attend the New Student "Peake In". Talk to other students and to Chesapeake's friendly staff and faculty. Ask questions! Find the Student Activities Office or Athletics Office and ask how you can get involved. Participate in clubs, organizations, sports, and student activities to make the most of your college experience. Can't find something to suit your interests? Maybe you'll want to organize a new club! You'll meet new friends, make helpful contacts, and learn about yourself and others.

Please take a few minutes to look through this site to discover more about Chesapeake's involvement opportunities!

Rohry Flood,
Director of Student Life
Room C-201A in the Caroline Center

Student Tip of the Day
When Studying:Use pictures, charts, and diagrams as methods to help you remember material.