The Chesapeake Choice Awards
The 2015 awards were held on Wednesday May 13, 2015

Chesapeake Choice Awards 2015 Collage

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The Chesapeake Choice Awards recognize Students, Faculty and Staff for the great work being done around campus. Save the Date! The 2016 Awards will be Wednesday May 18th at 5:30pm in the Todd Performing Arts Center.

How do the Chesapeake Choice Awards work?

First - You nominate your peers. Any member of the campus community can nominate students, faculty and staff for the appropriate awards. (What are the awards?) The nomination window is open from September to Field Day in April. The better the nominations are the more the judges have to go on so take your time and put something nice together.

Second - An anonymous panel of judges including students, faculty, staff and previous winners is asked to sit on a panel that reviews on every nomination and deliberates and votes on every award.

Finally - After the tallies are done for each award. The winners names are placed in sealed envelopes until the night of the Chesapeake Choice Awards when they are finally revealed to the campus.

Take some time to honor someone by nominating them!

Nominations are open until April 21, 2016, 2:00 pm.

Here's a list of the different awards that were given out in 2013.

Student Organizations

  • Club Member of the Year - Mark Cutter - SGA
  • Advisor of the Year - Sara Jones - Community Outreach Group
  • Club President of the year - Denise Walls - Student Nursing Association Level II
  • Club of the Year - Student Educators Association

Faculty Awards

  • Faculty Member of the Year - Jodi Stein
  • Rookie Professor Award - Jeremy Crowe
  • Adjunct Faculty of the Year - Polly Kleissas
  • Teaching Excellence Award -
    • Deanna Stock
    • Derek Strong
    • Ellen Flournoy
    • Spencer Wilder

Staff Awards

  • Staff Member of the Year - MaryLu Towey
  • Rookie Staff Award - Taten Sheridan

Campus Community Awards

Achievement Awards

  • Distinguished Service Award -
    • Leta Fennell
    • Marian Herb
  • Outstanding Achievement Award -
    • Dana Bowser
    • Megan Hatcher
  • Student Achievement Award -
    • Angela Greene
    • Ben Ahrens
    • Elisa Chillog
    • Gregory Usilton
    • Jasmine Smith
    • Jimmie Jenkins
    • Manar Dajani
    • Marcus Hoffman
    • Quinn Parsley
    • Sam Martin
    • Samantha Stelz
    • Sarah Redd
    • Shaelyn McLamb
    • Vicki Crane North
  • Civic Engagement Award -
    • Geraldine Caraballo
    • Matt Pantusa
    • Savannah Flood

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