New Student Orientation
One small step for new students...
One huge leap for student success!

student orientation pics

Whether you are a dual enrollment student, a student fresh out of high school, or a student returning to school after some absence, it's natural to feel nervous (and excited!) about starting something new. Attending New Student Orientation is guaranteed to help ease some of your concerns because you'll get a chance to meet other people and become more familiar with the College. We very much want to help you succeed and feel that making you aware of some of the great services Chesapeake offers will do just that.

Since emotional support can be as important to educational success as instruction and personal effort, we encourage students to invite a spouse, a parent, or a friend to join them.

New Student Orientation is traditionally held the Saturday before the start of classes for both the fall and spring semesters. For more information, contact Rohry Flood, Director of Student Life at 410-827-5826,