Chesapeake College Student Leadership Academy

Welcome to the Leadership Academy page. Each semester the Office of Student Life puts together a fantastic program which gives students new leadership skills and opportunities to make the most out of their time here at the Peake. We accept up to 15 students to enroll in the Leadership Academy each semester which is an 8 week program including workshops, guest speakers, hands on activities and trainings. The project has 2 milestone pieces, students participate in a Community Service project and complete a Leadership Portfolio. All of the tools are provided for students to succeed and the program is free. Best part is, we give you dinner on top of all of this!

Sound too good to be true? Nah, we just believe students are the most important people on this campus and we want to do everything possible to make sure you get everything you want and more out of your Chesapeake experience.

Learn more about the portfolio below and check the schedule to see if you can attend the sessions. If you like what you see APPLY! download the application PDF, complete it and submit it to the office of student life or email your responses to

Hope to see you soon!

Rohry Flood and Harriette Lowery

"To me, leadership and communication go hand in hand. Either through one's actions or their words, great leaders instill upon their followers the desire to go forward, act, think, influence, help, and create. The focus and refinement of these skills through my time in COM 101 and the Leadership Academy has already proven to be invaluable in my academic quests. It is a really personal, friendly environment that I would recommend to anyone looking to pursue an advanced education or a better understanding of what it takes to succeed."

- Quinn Parsley

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Student Involvement Portfolio

WHAT: Your student involvement portfolio is a project that documents your college experience and highlights your achievements. It gives you an opportunity to record all of your accomplishments from your time at Chesapeake College, including things like your academic achievements, leadership experience, campus involvement and career readiness. Your portfolio should be a reflection of you - therefore you will need to choose what is important and applicable. However, the following information can serve as a guideline as you put it together.

WHY: Your Student Involvement Portfolio will give you an opportunity to reflect on your academic and personal experience in college. It will also be an excellent resource for you as you work towards your goals. For example, your portfolio can be used:

  • As a concise document of your achievements to help you prepare essays, resumes and applications for academic and career goals
  • A supplement to your resume when applying for career opportunities/internships
  • A supplement to your application when applying for transfer/graduate school
  • A demonstration of your achievements when applying for scholarships and awards

HOW: There are four steps to creating your Student Involvement Portfolio.

  1. Collect items that showcase your skills and abilities using the guide provided. These items should be from a variety of areas, skills and experiences.
  2. Select the materials that you believe are the best demonstrations of your achievements. While your portfolio should be inclusive of a variety of areas, it should also be concise. Select materials that demonstrate achievement toward your goals (i.e. If you are using your portfolio to supplement a scholarship application, make sure your portfolio includes a demonstration of the requirements for the scholarship, like leadership development, service-learning, or academic achievement)
  3. Connect your materials to achievements. If you have documentation of a leadership workshop, connect the document to the learning that took place. You may want to use a summary sheet or reflection paper to highlight the growth and learning that resulted from the experience.

WHEN: You should begin to build your portfolio in the beginning of the semester, and add to it throughout your experience. This will ensure that you are collecting plenty of documentation, and it will also help you to connect your experiences throughout the year.