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SGA logo

Student Government Association (SGA) (Open membership)
Advisor: Rohry Flood,

If you want to help plan campus events and have a voice in College policy, get involved with the SGA. Participation in the SGA provides leadership and management skills that last a lifetime. Most campus activities, which may include concerts, lectures, socials, dances, campus and community service projects, bus trips, and festivals, are sponsored by the SGA. Activities are offered free of charge or at very little cost to Chesapeake College students. Although each recognized student organization at Chesapeake is independent in its mission, the SGA is the “umbrella” organization under which all other student organizations operate.

SGA officers have both the authority and responsibility to represent the student body. The SGA President and Vice President represent students to the Board of Trustees and to the College Council respectively. Officers may also be asked to sit on other College committees such as the Safety Committee and Student-Faculty Committee of Review. To view your current SGA officers, go to the College Web page: The SGA office is located on the first floor of the Caroline College Center, Room C-104. Stop by and get to know your student officers! Contact the SGA President at 410-822-5400, extension 2394.


BEACON (Open membership)
Advisor: David Harper, & Marc Steinberg,

Our club's purpose is to gather, edit, create, and distribute Chesapeake College’s literary journal, The Beacon. We uphold and represent the collegiate-caliber values and standards of Chesapeake College in the work that we select, create, and exhibit. All students are welcome to participate, though their contribution will vary according to time and aptitude because of the purpose and caliber of The Beacon.

CRU logo

Campus Crusade for Christ - CRU (Open membership)
Advisor: Tim Harper,

The two things we're all about are Jesus and community, which is why we want to get into each other's lives - to really know, challenge, and help each other as friends and have a ton of fun doing it! Our desire is for our community to grow, which is where our love for Jesus and our natural desire for community come together. We think He's the most awesome person to ever walk the face of the earth and that pursuing a relationship with Him is more fulfilling than anything else.

GSA logo

Gay-Straight Alliance - GSA (Open membership)
Advisor: Rochelle Ringgold,

The purpose of the Gay-Straight Alliance is to foster an active and diverse culture at Chesapeake College. The Gay-Straight Alliance provides opportunities for students to build friendships and encourages open-mindedness towards gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals within the community.

Geek Life Club logo

Geek Life Club - (Open membership)
Advisor: Jud Riggins,

The purpose of the Geek Life Club is to provide an outlet for students who share interests such as, technology, music, comic books, novels, movies, active meetings and games.

Green Team logo

Green Team (Open membership)
Advisor: Heather Cunningham,

Our mission is to support and advocate eco-consciousness in our college and community. We want to raise awareness about recycling in our community and collaborate with the public and private schools of the surrounding counties. We want to establish an integrated system among the Eastern Shore to encourage our residents and influence the younger generation to adopt eco-friendly lifestyles or at least recycle.

Lumberjack Club logo

Lumberjack Club (Open membership)
Advisor: Nevin Crouse,

The purpose of the Lumberjack Club is to bring together all students who share a love of pancakes and similar breakfast foods and to educate the public in the ways of the Lumberjack.

Martial ARts cluc

Martial Arts Club (Open membership)
Advisor: Tom Fox,

This club exists in an effort to promote the safety, physical fitness, and self-confidence of the Chesapeake College student body, and the promotion of understanding of various cultures.

Outdoors Club logo

Outdoors Club (Open membership)
Advisor: Doug Gray,

The Outdoors Club provides the opportunity for members of the Chesapeake College community to share mutual interests in outdoor recreational activities, including but not limited to: backpacking, biking, camping, canoeing, hiking, kayaking, rafting, and skiing. The Club believes that participation in such activities supports a healthy mental and physical life.

Peake Communications logo

Peake Communications Club (Open membership)

The Peake Communication Club provides an opportunity for students interested in communication studies to obtain the knowledge and hands-on experience to communicate effectively in the real world. All levels of communication will be explored, from interpersonal to mass media. Based on membership interests, the organization will engage in a variety of activities which may include the creation of media presentations, collaborations with Communication faculty, and off-campus field study in the discipline.

Peake Disc Golf logo

Peake Disc Golf Club (Open membership)
Advisor: Angela Forgrave,

The Peake Disc Golf Club is a group of Chesapeake College students and staff who are local disc enthusiasts interested in promoting the healthy aspects of the sport at the College. Disc sports truly are lifetime sports. From simple throw and catch games, to the team game of ultimate, to the ballet-like freestyle, this simple toy has advanced to the levels of serious sport, presenting challenges for players around the world.

Peake Players logo

Peake Players (Open membership)
Advisor: Dr. Robert Thompson,

The Peake Players are the campus student drama group under the direction of the Theatre Professor. The Peake Players present a major student production each semester as well as a summer dinner theatre murder mystery.

PTK logo

Phi Theta Kappa (Invitation, application and acceptance required for membership)
Advisor: Jeremy Crowe,

Phi Theta Kappa is the premier international honor society for two-year colleges. Its primary function is to recognize and promote scholastic achievement in community, technical, and junior college students. Membership is offered to students who have earned a grade point average (GPA) of 3.50 or higher, who have earned 12 or more college credits, and who have declared a major. Based on four hallmarks (Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Fellowship), Phi Theta Kappa offers students more than just a membership certificate; it is an active organization with opportunities for fun and service both on- and off-campus.

Radiographic Student Council (Membership limited to Radiography students)
Advisor: Linda Blythe,

Membership is open to students in the Radiography Program at Chesapeake College. The purpose of this group is to share the responsibility of developing, maintaining, and promoting the Radiologic Sciences Program as a safe, respected, and active learning environment with the Faculty and Staff of the clinical sites.

MGW logo

Student Nursing Organization (Membership limited to nursing students)
Advisor for Class of 2016: Holly Hayman, and Robin Seal-Whitlock,
Advisors for Class of 2017: Crystel Farina, and Sedonna Brown,

The Student Nursing Organization (SNO) was established in 1998 and serves several different purposes for the nursing students enrolled in the Chesapeake College/MGW Nursing Program. It provides an avenue for students to have input in non-curricula matters that impact them and offers the opportunity to coordinate and encourage student participation in community-focused activities. Moreover, it provides a conduit for communication between and among students and between faculty and students and promotes leadership skills, self-direction, commitment and involvement.

Student Production Club logo

Student Production Club (Open membership)
Advisor: Dick Peterson,

The purpose of this club is to provide an avenue for students to gain firsthand experience with all parts of a theatrical production, as well as bring awareness of theatre to the students and community at large. To that end, the club will produce one play a semester, as well as any other events, workshops, or presentations decided upon by the club. The club will also work with other clubs of the college to promote the club itself as well as theatre in general.

Surgical Technology Club (Membership limited to surgical technology students)
Advisor: Karen Jones,

The purpose of this club is to promote quality health education and health services for students and school communities as well as promote quality continuing education for surgical technologists. We will provide consultation on the educational standards for the preparation of surgical technology and encourage unity of thought and action. We will cooperate with educational institutions and organizations seeking to promote school health and school surgical technologists.

Trading Card Game club

Trading Cards Game Club (Open membership)
Advisor: Matt Pantusa,

The name of this organization shall be the Chesapeake College Trading Card Game Club, or the TCG Club or Cardfight Club. A cardfight is defined as the act of two people playing a trading card game against each other. The purpose of this club is to create an atmosphere where Cardfighters in Chesapeake College feel welcome to express themselves. To allow Cardfighter’s a place to play against others who share their passion so that they can hone their skills. Honing their skills, is one of the most important things to a Cardfighter. We want to allow Cardfighters to compete in local and nationals tournaments against others with the same passion.

UHURU logo

UHURU (Open membership) Advisor:

Founded in 1982, UHURU has been one of Chesapeake's most active student organizations. UHURU means freedom in Swahili and the organization's motto is "knowledge is freedom from ignorance." UHURU works to promote and preserve the history and culture of African Americans and to promote integrity, pride, and unity among culturally diverse students and the student body at large.