Advising for Allied Health

The Nursing and Allied Health Advisor provides academic planning/advising services to students majoring in one of the following programs. Use links below to access information.

Advising for allied health is scheduled by appointment only in Wye Mills and Cambridge. To schedule an appointment, call Lorraine Holden, Advisor for Nursing & Allied Health, at 410-822-5400, ext. 2203 or email

Allied Health Advising Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) Show FAQs

Is an academic plan required for the Allied Health programs?
An academic plan is strongly recommended for Nursing and Allied Health programs. You develop an academic plan with the Advisor for Nursing & Allied Health if you plan to apply to one of these programs at Chesapeake College.
What is an academic plan?
An academic plan is a tool that benefits the student by outlining what courses should be taken in each semester so that the student can apply in a timely fashion for their designated program. Its use helps prevent the student from taking unnecessary classes and facilitates registration. However, the academic plan is a "living document" which means that students sometimes need to revise their plans. It is important to keep your plan up-to-date and to follow the plan you've developed with the Advisor for Nursing & Allied Health.
If I live out-of-state or in a Maryland county other than Caroline, Dorchester, Kent, Queen Anne, or Talbot counties, am I able to apply to Chesapeake College's Allied Health programs?
Yes, you may apply. However, due to the number of qualified in-county applicants to these programs, no out-of-state or out-of-county applicants have been accepted in recent years. However, for the Surgical Technology certificate program, in-county status is not a consideration for acceptance. For this program an applicant's GPA and experience working in direct patient care are the key factors.
How do I obtain a college application?
Contact Admissions at ext. 2287 or download/print the application form.
How do I obtain an application for any of the Allied Health programs?
Many of the applications are available online. Otherwise, call the Allied Health Center at 410-827-5917 to request an application.
How are Nursing and Allied Health students advised?

There are two types of advisors who work with these students. The Nursing and Allied Health Advisor meets with current students after they register for their first semester and with prospective students who complete a Chesapeake College application and plan to transfer from another college to major in one of these programs.

An Advisor in Student Success and Enrollment Services meets with a student if one of the following applies:

  • The student is following an academic plan when registering for class(es).
  • The student does not have an academic plan or chooses to "self advise" rather than follow the academic plan on record. In both cases, the student completes a Self Advising Form during the advising session.
If I have completed AP high school classes, what is the process for having the results reviewed so that credit can be awarded?
Have your AP results sent electronically to the Registrar at Chesapeake College so credit can be awarded as appropriate.
I have completed college coursework elsewhere and believe these courses will apply to an Allied Health program, what should I do?
You must complete an application to Chesapeake College, provide official transcripts from the institutions you have attended, register for a class at the college, and request that the Registrar evaluate your transcript(s) for applicable courses for the Allied Health program you�ve noted on your application.
What is the ratio of accepted students to the Allied Health programs compared to the number of applicants?
Ratios vary but typically applicants outnumber available openings.