Online Class Registration for Credit Courses

For login or technical issues with MyCampus or WebAdvisor/CRAB, please contact IT support at 410-822-5400 ext. 2224.

Step-by-Step Directions

Step-by-Step directions with pictures (PDF) for printing

Steps to Register Online

  1. Go to and log on to MyCampus
  2. Click on WebAdvisor/CRAB (if you are unable to login to WebAdvisor/CRAB or MyCampus please contact IT Support at 410-822-5400 ext. 2224)
  3. Click on Students
  4. Click on Register for Sections
  5. Click on Search and Register for Sections
  6. Select Term, select Subjects for your classes, then click on SUBMIT
  7. Click the box to place a check mark(s) next to the classes you want, then click on SUBMIT
  8. Review schedule for accuracy. If OK select RG -Register from drop down menu in front of each class, then click on SUBMIT.
  9. Errors will appear in red at the top of the page if you do not meet criteria
  10. Verify your schedule by returning to the WebAdvisor/CRAB home screen and clicking on My Class Schedule, select Term, then click on SUBMIT.
  11. You will receive a verifying email on Skipjack Mail.

Can I register online using WebAdvisor/CRAB?

You may if you meet the following criteria:

  1. You have no outstanding obligations to the college (library, financial, college materials, childcare, athletic equipment, etc.)
  2. You have no student conduct violations or Security Office restrictions.
  3. You are not on academic dismissal or suspension.
  4. You are exempted from the Accuplacer by an Academic Advisor.
  5. You have been enrolled as a credit student at Chesapeake College within the last three regular academic semesters.
  6. You have completed less than 45 credits OR have seen an Academic Advisor since the completion of 45 credits for a Program Progress Review.

** Dual Enrollment/High School students are not eligible to register online **

How to access and print your Academic Evaluation Report (AER)

Disclaimer you are agreeing to when you register online:

  • I accept the sole responsibility for the courses for which I have registered.
  • I have reviewed my Academic Evaluation Record (AER) and/or met with a Faculty/Academic Advisor to discuss and confirm the courses required or that I have personally chosen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I register online?
  • Set up your class schedule quickly and easily from any computer connected to the internet, no need to leave your home
  • Do not have to drive to the college and participate in the registration process
  • Will have first choice of getting the schedule you want before priority registration for current students starts
How will I know what classes to register for?
  • Plan ahead and meet with an Academic Advisor to review your academic plan and course selection
  • Print a copy of your Academic Evaluation Record (AER)
  • Review the entire document for what classes you have taken and what classes you still need
  • Review the Schedule of Classes online to identify the days and times of the classes you want (Course Worksheet)
  • When planning your course schedule for future semesters, it is best to see an advisor early, before the registration period begins. Reduce your wait time by seeking advice early; we advise and give academic planning year round.
Once I register online, may I change my schedule? What if I make a mistake?
  • Schedules may be changed as often as necessary before semester begins
  • Once the "pay by date" has passed, (the date by which payment is due) students should be aware that if they increase their number of hours or add courses that have fees such as online classes, additional funds will be due to Chesapeake College that day
  • Once the semester begins, all online registration/revisions cease and any changes must be made in person
How will I know if I have registered correctly?
  • Return to the WebAdvisor/CRAB home screen and click on My Class Schedule, select the Term, then click on SUBMIT. You will receive a verification on your Skipjack email.