Frequently Asked Questions about Registration

Can I register on-line using CRAB?
Current online registration criteria
What else can I do using CRAB?
Students may view their semester schedule, Academic Evaluation Report (AER), grades, transcript and enrollment request statuses, check financial aid, check your bill and make a payment. All students may do this, regardless of your eligibility to register on-line.
How do I drop a class?
Students must drop in person and pay the $5 drop fee, except for the first two weeks of class during which the fee will be deducted from your refund. The last day to withdraw for each semester is in the academic calendar.
I registered for classes but have not attended yet this semester, am I still in the class?
Chesapeake does not administratively drop students for non-attendance. Students who have paid for a course, finalized a financial aid award, processed a deferred payment contract or completed a sponsor billing are considered enrolled and will receive a grade. It is the student's responsibility to drop.
I stopped going to class. Will I be dropped?
No. It is the student's responsibility to drop.
What is considered a full-time student?
A full-time student is one enrolled for the equivalent of 12 credit hours, 6 credits for the summer. Students enrolled for fewer than 12 credit hours are classified as part-time. Exceptions to this classification occur when an external agency defines the status differently. Nursing and some other allied health professions students registered in a clinical sequence course are considered full-time.
Is there a limit to the number of credits I may take per semester?
Because of the difficulties of extra course work, you are not permitted to register for or to add courses which bring the total load to more than 18 semester hours (nine hours summer semester) without specific approval form the Vice President for Academic Affairs.