Frequently Asked Questions about Graduation

Do I just graduate automatically when I have finished my requirements or is there something I must do?

A student must apply for graduation to be awarded an associate degree or certificate.

What is a Program Progress Review?

At 45 credits, you should see an advisor in Student Services and Enrollment Services for a Program Progress Review to ensure that you are making satisfactory progress and taking the courses needed to complete your degree.

When should I apply to graduate?

When you are close to completing the requirements of your program of study (Major), Usually this will be when you have completed 45 credits and anticipate taking 15 -20 credits within the next two semesters.

When are the deadlines for applying to graduate?

October 15 for December, March 1 for May

How do I apply to graduate?

You fill out an Application for Graduation form and meet with your academic advisor who will review your record and assist you with the process. Take the completed Application for gradation form to the office of Registration and Records. You may also submit your application at the Cambridge or Allied Health Centers or fax the application to 410-827-5852.

What happens next?

Your name is entered into our potential graduate file and your record is carefully reviewed to see if you have met all the requirements.

  • If you have already completed your requirements, you will be notified that you are eligible for a degree.
  • If you are still taking classes to complete your requirements, you will be notified that you are eligible pending successful completion of requirements.
  • If you are missing any requirements, you will be notified which courses you need to complete the degree requirements.

Do I have to take all my credits at Chesapeake College?

You must complete a minimum of 16 credits at Chesapeake College and meet all the specific requirements of your chosen program of study (also called Major). You may transfer other credits from another college or university.

I applied for graduation for the fall semester but have not received my diploma.

Student who complete after the summer and fall semesters have their degree posted but do not receive your diploma until the commencement ceremony in the spring. Your degree does appear on your transcript, your official college record and serves as proof of completion.

What happens if I do not successfully complete all the credits I need for my degree after I have already applied to graduate?

You will be notified that you did not satisfy the requirements and you may apply again as soon as you register for the remaining classes. Before re-applying, discuss with an advisor what you must do to complete your degree, i.e. complete a required course, improve your GPA. Then, re-apply for graduation indicating the new semester when you will be completing.

If I do not complete all of the degree requirements, may I participate in graduation?

Unfortunately, you must have completed all degree requirements and achieved the required GPA in order to participate in the commencement ceremony.

What should I do to be sure my diploma is printed correctly?

Carefully print your name exactly as you want it to appear on the diploma when you fill out the Application for Graduation form.

May I attend the commencement ceremony?

Yes, all eligible candidates are expected to attend the commencement exercises that take place once a year in May. If you are unable to attend, you will need to write to Dr. Rich Midcap and ask to graduate 'In Absentia'. This is a memorable event that we encourage all students to attend!

When will I receive my diploma?

Those candidates attending graduation will receive their diploma as they walk the stage. If you graduate in absentia, you will receive your degree in the mail within three weeks following commencement ceremony . Please indicate on your Application for graduation form your exact mailing address.