The official transcript of a student's academic record at Chesapeake College will be sent only at the written request of the student. These requests must be made in writing and include the student's full name, ID number or social security number, date of birth and signature. All obligations, financial and otherwise (this includes library books, athletic equipment, etc.), to Chesapeake College must be satisfied before any transcripts will be released.

As of July 1, 2013 Chesapeake College will require payment of $5.00 per transcript at the time a request is submitted. Transcripts will usually be processed within 2 working days from the receipt of the request. Allow extra time during holidays, commencements, and at the beginning and end of the semester. Transcripts for currently enrolled students will not be processed at the end of the semester until final examinations are over and all grades for all students are entered and finalized. The Transcript Request Form is available online. Additional information regarding transcript procedures is available by calling 410-822-5400, then press *2255.

Students may go to WebAdvisor/CRAB for Students/Academic Profile and select Academic Evaluation to view the academic record. An unofficial transcript may be obtained by selecting Transcript on the same Academic Profile menu.

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