Student Education Record Privacy Policy

Chesapeake College is committed to protecting the privacy of each student's education record. The College will release any or all of a student's education record to third parties only under the following circumstances:

  • If the College is required to do so by law;
  • If the student provides the College with written permission as outlined in the Federal Education Records Privacy Act (FERPA);
  • In the event of a health or safety emergency as outlined in FERPA and interpreted by the College administration.

Parental disclosure will take place in accordance with the policy outlined above. Students will be informed of their right to provide their parents (or any other third party of their choosing) access to their education record during the College's academic advising process. The College will provide information to parents, in both electronic and hard-copy forms, regarding the process for gaining access to a student's education records.

Disclosure of information contained in a student's education record will take place through the Office of Registration, which will certify that the student has provided written permission for the College to release information from the education record to the third party requesting that information. The responsibility for disclosure of information from a student record and oversight of this process rests with the Registrar or his/her designee.

Nothing in this policy changes in any way the College's process or procedures with regard to academic grievances. The academic grievance is a student-initiated process and the involvement of any third party is limited to observation and advisement. (In other words, parents, lawyers, or any other third party a student wishes to involve in an academic grievance may attend meetings related to the grievance and advise a student during this process, but will not have an independent voice during this process.)

Links on this page summarize student rights under FERPA and provide student options with respect to release of their personally identifiable information.

Students may exercise their right to release their education record to third parties, including their parents, by completing a Student Information Release Form and returning it to the Registration Office.