Sustainability at Chesapeake


Chesapeake College will be implementing a new system this fall to help reduce unnecessary printing in the Learning Resource Center. We continue to promote recycling of paper, plastic and metal around the campus.

Our projects:

Center for Leadership in Environmental Education (CLEEn)

Energy Education

  • Chesapeake College continues to demonstrate its commitment to the environment by partnering with Energy Education. Since the development of this partnership Chesapeake College has supported the development and conservation strategies that help protect our natural environment. The college is working diligently each day to save financial and environmental resources through behavioral energy conservation.

    Energy Education's innovative Transformational Energy Management process enables client personnel to implement equipment optimization and organizational behavior change strategies that substantially reduce energy consumption without increasing utility budgets or requiring the purchase of new equipment. The program is funded solely and rapidly by the savings it generates, allowing clients to redirect saved energy dollars to other priorities.

    The Energy Education Specialist for Chesapeake College works closely with Energy Education conservation experts to audit buildings and provide the awareness that encourage all those on campus to reduce energy use wherever possible. Short and long term strategies are continuously being developed to ensure the capacity to endure sustainability with all of our initiatives.

    By embracing the concept of stewardship in sustainability, Chesapeake College has a direct impact on our environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions through increased energy efficiency.

Sustainability Plan