Events and Campus Information for January 18, 2014

Campus Announcements

12/3/2013 - 1/22/2014 -- Open registration for Spring semester. (Fall 2013)
1/8/2014 - 1/21/2014 -- Payment due 1/8/14 for Spring and Spring Interim pre-registered students. Payment due for all students at time of registration after 1/8/14. (Spring 2014)
Saturday, 1/18/2014 -- Registration and Advising 9:00a .m. - 1 p.m.
New Student Orientation, 9:00 am;
Last day for 100% refund (Spring 2014)

At the Performing Arts Center
For January 18, 2014

No events scheduled on this date, however, please check the upcoming events for more information.

Athletics Events
For January 18, 2014

Please check for the current athletics schedule, plus news, scores, and more!

Campus Announcements

General Campus Announcements and Events as of 11/24/2014

Free Money Game Show
On Tuesday December 2th the SGA is hosting the FREE MONEY GAME SHOW. Come to the cafe at Noon and enter for a chance to win cold hard cash!

Chesapeake Choice Awards #7
The Chesapeake Choice Awards will be held on Wednesday May 13th 2015 at 5:30pm in the Todd Performing Art Center. Nominate today!