Prepare for Today’s Careers

Chesapeake College’s students enroll at different ages and career stages. Some people want to earn college credit in high school. Others pursue an associate of science or arts degree. Many seek credits to transfer to a four-year or graduate program. And countless more take continuing education courses for professional advancement and personal enrichment.

Chesapeake is the high quality, convenient and affordable place you can turn – and return – for lifelong learning.

Chesapeake Careers

Looking to start, advance or expand your career? Chesapeake provides a pathway to build a great resume. From entry level and professional advancement to new careers, we offer certificates, credits, classes and CEUs to move into, up, or around your chosen career.

Programs Included

/ Humanities

Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Chesapeake prepares students for many diverse careers in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. Whether building a liberal arts foundation to transfer to a four-year college, or taking courses for personal enrichment or skill-building, our programs position our students for success.

Career Goal

Actor, Arts Director/Manager, Composer, Curator, Data Scientist, Economist, Editor, Event Planner, Filmmaker/Videographer, Government and Public Administrator, Grant Writer, Historian, Journalist, Librarian, Museum Technician, Musician, Politician, Professor/Educator in Higher Education, Psychologist, Public Relations Specialist, Social Researcher, Social Worker, Sociologist, Studio Artist, Theater Technician, Writer

Programs Included

/ Business

Business & Accounting

Business owners, bankers and captains of industry have started their careers at Chesapeake. Our business management programs prepare a solid foundation to enter the entrepreneurial ranks or join any one of the region’s employers.

Career Goal

Accounts Payable Associate, Advertising Sales Representative, Customer Service Representative, Marketing Coordinator, Office Supervisor, Retail Store Manager, Sales Representative, Small Business Manager

/ Law

Criminal Justice & Legal Studies

Thousands of Eastern Shore residents launched their public safety and legal careers at Chesapeake. Our core programs provide a strong foundation for students to start or strengthen employment with police agencies, government and law firms.

Career Goal

Court Clerk, Correctional Officer, Crime Scene Technician, Federal Enforcement Officer, Juvenile Services Officer, Legal Assistant, Paralegal, Police Officer, Private Investigator, Probation Agent, Retail Security, Victim Advocate

/ Education

Education & Child Development

Chesapeake has been a leader in education since we opened our doors. Our Early Childhood Development Center provides students with hands-on experience and serves families in the community. Elementary and secondary education students intern at schools in the five-county service area.

Career Goal

Childcare Center Director, Childcare Provider, Counselor, Early Childhood Teacher, Elementary Teacher, Middle School Teacher, High School Teacher, Special Education Teacher, Principal and Assistant Principal, Curriculum Specialist, Literacy Coach, Librarian, Teaching Assistant

/ Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies

The Eastern Shore’s abundant natural and agricultural resources along with growing jobs in renewable energy and sustainability make Chesapeake a great choice. Whether self-employed, working in government, business or nonprofit, or looking to transfer to a four year school, our programs prepare students for a broad range of environmental careers.

Career Goal

Clean Energy Manager, Ecologist, Energy Auditor, Environmental Educator, Environmental Scientist, Farmer, Hydrologist, Landscape Designer, Natural Resource Manager, Oceanographer

/ Health Care

Health Care

Long renowned for educating generations of health care providers, our expanding programs include careers in administration, sports management and emergency medicine. From hospitals and sports fields to dental, veterinary and specialty practices, employers value health care professionals.

Career Goal

Addictions Counselor, Administrative Medical Assistant, Behavioral Health Specialist, Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Geriatric Nursing Assistant (GNA), Clinical Medical Assistant, Dental Assistant, EMT, Medical Records/Health IT, Paramedic, Personal Fitness Trainer, Pharmacy Technician, Phlebotomist, Physical Therapist Assistant, Radiologic Technologist, RN Nurse, Surgical Technologist, Veterinary Assistant, Medical Coding Professional


Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

As scientific and technological innovations drive our knowledge-based economy, STEM skills are critical in almost every industry. From healthcare and construction to agriculture and business, Eastern Shore employers look to hire people with STEM training. Our STEM programs prepare students to transfer to four-year universities across multiple disciplines.

Career Goal

Actuary, Biologist, CAD Drafter/Coordinator, Chemist, Cyber/Information Specialist, Engineer, Geologist/Geographer, IT Technician/Help Desk Support, Lab Technician, Statistician, Surveyor, Web Designer/Social Media Coordinator

/ Skilled Trades

Skilled Trades

Whether starting a business or working for a legacy manufacturer, trades programs prepare students for some of today’s most in-demand, and well-paying careers. From repair and construction to processing and assembly, skilled trades talents are sought by employers.

Career Goal

Bus Driver, Commercial Driver, Construction Manager, Electrician, General Contractor, Home Inspector, HVAC Technician, Realtor, Virtual Designer/CAD Drafter, Welder

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