What do CEOs Howard Schultz (Starbucks), Susan Wojcicki (YouTube) and Steve Ells (Chipotle) have in common? They graduated with degrees in Liberal Arts & Sciences!

Build a strong foundation and earn credits at Chesapeake to start your career path. One of the most flexible programs you can pursue, a Liberal Arts & Sciences degree can be tailored to your career aspirations. Our faculty will help match your career interests with the transfer school that best meets your needs. Be the CEO of your college journey!


Why Chesapeake

A Liberal Arts & Sciences degree from Chesapeake provides you with guaranteed admission to a four-year school in the University of Maryland system. We have great relationships with four-year public and private schools in Maryland and beyond and have helped thousands of students successfully transfer. Taking your foundation classes at Chesapeake is an affordable and savvy start on your college journey.

Arts, Humanities & Social Science Programs
  • Liberal Arts & Sciences A.A.
  • Music Letter of Recognition
  • Theatre & Performance Studies Certificate
  • African-American Studies Letter of Recognition
  • Global & International Studies Certificate
  • Transfer Studies (Advanced, Basic)

Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences News

Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences Program News
Dual Enrollment Up at Chesapeake College
by Marcie Alvarado Molloy

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Service Learning Projects
by Marcie Alvarado Molloy

Find out how the students in Communications 101 served their community this summer.
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Going to Chesapeake College looked like a smart financial decision from the beginning. I’ve grown as a person and learned so much about myself at Chesapeake. Everyone here is friendly and supportive, so I felt like I could try new things. Chesapeake is a place of opportunity for everyone.

~ Lyndy Mothershead, AA
2016 Harrison Award winner Honors Program graduate

Theatre is not just for people interested in the performing arts. Students learn skills to apply in a variety of fields and in everyday life. These classes give students a chance to challenge themselves and be creative.

~ Dr. Rob Thompson
Associate Professor of Theatre and Director of The Peake Players

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